League Match Secretary


I have decided to stand down from the position of League Match Secretary at the end of this season at the next AGM.The position needs to be filled in order for the League to continue into the next 2023/2024 season. This job is simple and most work is done at the beginning of the season when setting up the League. Then just a case of updating match scores as and when there due. Someone who has and can use a computer would be an advantage so results can be uploaded to the League website.
I shall be on hand to assist in showing the new Match Secretary the procedures required. None of this is difficult. This position entitles you to a committee position and the committee meets about 3/4 times a year. Any person interested in applying should let the League Secretary know,Philip Chipperfield, as soon as possible and then confirmed at the next AGM.If more than one application, then a vote at the AGM will decide the outcome.

Thank you all for your assistance over the last few years which has helped me keep the League Matches running smoothly.

Colin (Hogan)
SF Match Secretary