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AT LAST - Badminton England explains the new Registration Procedure and costs


BE has now released it,s explanation of how the new registrations work for both club reg's and player reg's. Most of you should have received this. Anyone who hasn't and wishes a copy. Let me know and I shall forward a copy to you. It is well thought out and easy to follow. That in itself is a novelty.


The new season is under way.


Wyndgate A show their counterparts,Wyndgate B why they won the League last year with two 9-0 wins.


Badminton at it,s best


Some of this will make your eyes water, but lots of fun


Score sheets


Go to "About" select "Documents and Downloads" and select what score sheets you need and in what format you prefer. Excel or PDF.


2019/2020 Updated Constituition & League Rules


The League's admin has now been overhauled and amended as per the last AGM. Please note the new rules regarding the Composition League and the ranking of your potential players in this League. All the above documents can be downloaded into Microsoft Word 2007 and above.
Any problems understanding the new rules, please contact a committee member who will go through it with you.

Note: It will be advisable to let your captain of the Composition League have a list of the rankings to hand at each match to make sure he gets the right order of play.