Where to play and Covi 19 so far


Kings College at canterbury. The Kings club is running and I think you can book courts there as well.
Folkestond Sports Center is open from 9 till 9 and open for booking courts by phone or in person.

Kings Canterbury Club are taking bookings for their club online, I believe that the first 18 get to play.

Folkestone: Here we have 2 types of play going on. "Social" and a club. Some of the Wyndgate players have grouped together and booking 2 courts on a Friday from 7 till 9. It,s basically full every week.
The Folkestone Club has restarted as a club and their first week was last Monday which I attended. 2 Courts max of 6 to a court and no court inter changing.
If you are running as a social gathering with 6 to a court. No Covi officer is required. If you are doing the same as a "Club" then you must appoint a Covi Officer. ( Rule of Folkestone Sports center) Players must listen and abide by the Covi Officers directions, It's a thankless job and if the person voluntering to do it is not listened to, then you will not have a Covi Officer and you won't be playing at all.

Badminton England has a link to Badminton Englands "Covi Officer" course, which is taken online and free to do. It takes about 2 hours and is quite extensive. At the end you get an official certificate to say you have completed the course. It covers from the obvios precations to right through what to do regarding the treatment of players injured. Having taken it myself, I think it,s worth the extra mile to take and complete.

There is a lack of information coming back from clubs so I can't comment any further unless I hear from them. Emails requesting info go unheeded. That makes my job easier as I don't have to say anything. Come on Clubs, keep me up to date.